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Lesson 4Finding the home object
ObjectiveDescribe how to look up the home object.
The client acquires the remote reference to the home object from the Name Service. Assuming the name of the bean's service is "hello", the code fragment in the client will be:
Jndi Initialcontext Lookup
This is not EJB code but rather JNDI, and this is all there is to it. Using JNDI is similar to looking up a file in a directory. Use the MouseOver to see the description of each piece of the code.

JNDI Advice
If you want further information on the JNDI code, refer to the Java Naming and Directory Web page.
The EJB 1.1 spec. calls for use of the narrow() to ensure portability with RMI-IIOP .
This is the predominant protocol RMI will use in the future.
RMI-IIOP: The protocol, based on IIOP, that is planned for the implementation of RMI.
In the next lesson, you will be introduced to code in the client used to create the session bean.