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Lesson 3EJB Course Requirements
Objective What are the requirements for this course?

Course Requirements for EJB Architecture and Session Beans

Software Requirements

In order to work through the exercises in this course, you will need the following software:
  1. Java 2 SDK, Standard Edition, version 5
  2. Java EE 5 or Java EE 6

Downloading the SDK

To download the Java 2 SDK, Enterprise Edition software, click on the link below.
Java EE 8 SDK Downloads
You will be instructed on how to install the software later in the course.

Downloading the SDK

Please note that the Java 2 SDK, Enterprise Edition requires the Java 2 SDK Standard Edition.
Java SE Downloads
If you are familiar with an IDE, please use that IDE to build your code.
Download the latest version of Eclipse then create your code with the IDE and compile it .

As each module unfolds, you will not only learn about a new area of the spec, but you will also learn through specific examples about how to apply it to your own applications.
Many of these examples come directly from the comprehensive, end-to-end, Java EE Enterprise application so that you can see how they fit into a bigger picture. You are encouraged to take these examples and run with them. Try them out in your favorite IDE or development environment, and change them around and try new things. EJB and the related APIs covered in this course include
  1. JPA,
  2. Web Services,
  3. Contexts, and
  4. Dependency Injection (CDI)
which offer you a lot with which to work.
Once you are comfortable with the basics of building, deploying, and testing, you will find that EJB components are not only powerful, but also easy to build and use.
Together, the authors of this site have built a number of applications using EJB in concert with other technologies in the Java EE stack, and we have attempted to capture within it advice about the practical patterns we have learned, the strategies we have found successful, and some pitfalls you can avoid. Most modules in this course are dedicated to exploring specific areas of EJB, but we have also included modules on Java Persistence API (JPA), Contexts and Dependency Injection (CDI), Web Services, gauging the performance of your EJB applications, and deploying to the Java EE application server of your choice. An introductory Getting Started section at the end of this module will get you set up to run the many useful sample applications found at the end of each chapter in the course

Course downloads

You can download a compressed file that contains:
  1. Course materials
  2. Project skeleton files
  3. Project solution files
  4. Exercise hints
The next lesson will explore course resources.