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Using an array as a stack

Perl 'Splice' function

One final function that operates on arrays is the splice function.
This function is used to extract a chunk of data from the middle of an array.
diagram of splice

It is important to note that after the splice operation, the original array no longer contains the elements spliced out. For example, consider the following code:
When you run it, you will get this output:

Now, try it this way:
@foo = (0..9);
splice(@foo, 3, 4);
print join(':', @foo), "\n";
When you run it, you should get this output:
The splice operation started at element number three and removed four elements. So elements three, four, five, and six have been removed from the array.
The splice function is not used as frequently as the others, but it is good to have an understanding of how it works.